Welcome to Leiturgia. My name is Robert Locklear, though, my friends call me Bubba. 

I’m a Worship Leader/Creative Arts Pastor at a church in Chicago’s west suburbs. I  seek to create engaging environments that help people turn their eyes to God, experience his love, his grace and his justice. 

My passion is to create a beautiful world full of the child-like wonder of discovery. My main palette is a worship space. I lead a team of volunteer musicians, technicians and artists to create beautiful spaces for people to see God. I use music, spoken word, lighting, video, stage design, visual arts and more to create places of sanctuary, celebration and awe. 

I live with my beautiful wife Jennifer and our son just west of Chicago. Our home is filled with laughter and good food . My wife is as patient as she is beautiful. I’m humbled to be her husband. 

Regarding the title of my blog. Leiturgia may seem like a familiar term. Today, many just say Liturgy. Liturgy is how Christians order their worship. Many do not use that term, but all worship services have an order; a way in which a church tells the story of God's redemption through Jesus. In Biblical Greek leiturgia is the word for the work of God. Worship is the work of God. When we worship, as a group or as individuals, we do the work of God.